Love, War & Jazz Podcast Coming Soon!

Work has begun to make Remembrance a truly immersive experience! I enjoyed my first session putting together the elements for the first season of Love, War & Jazz. Actors Arthur Ray, Jr. and Thomas Galasso joined me in the studio to record their characters, Preach and Captain Major Forbes. Throughout this season, you will get to know many of the characters in a personal way.

I brought in pre-recorded segments featuring the actors David and Giselle as well, along with our Remembrance theme song. Early that morning, I also came across authentic French military music that will be included down the road. It was fun deciding where to insert the music clips.

In future episodes you will listen to the love letters between David and Giselle, as well as memos from the American Expeditionary Forces and the German High Command and wires from our own Harlem Journal. 

Get your earbuds ready!


Heather Buchanan