The Arrival

"I don't know where to send this damn letter..."

Thus begins a journey for my main character, Sgt. David Pierce, and myself. I've been tinkering with this project for a very long time, too long to mention here. The important thing to know is that I believe it's finally time to tell this story--too many stars have lined up in the past two years to ignore. 

Never one to keep things simple for myself, I envision The Remembrance Project as a multimedia project, as it combines all of my great loves--video, print, and music--into one large narrative universe. When you think about it, World War I can be viewed the same way; for me, it is a nexus of so many elements colliding at the same time, a big bang that birthed the modern era. In the coming months I'll explore many of those key moments and people--I believe you will find them just as fascinating.

The first phases of The Remembrance Project are underway with the completion of Book One: Arrival's text, cover design and plans for the 2017-2018 season of performances. 

I was fortunate enough to engage digital artist Jay Walsh, who had completed a series of World War I-themed art. I explained what I had in mind, and he understood right away. In my research, I learned how this regiment had to travel for miles on foot across scorched fields loaded with landmines, where every step could be the last. The sky would be dark with smoke from the bombings, but I asked Jay to put in that glimmer of sunlight behind the clouds, a glimmer of hope.

Fortune smiled again when I was able to engage with some of the most talented musicians I have ever known who kindly agreed to be a part of the musical component that I couldn't stop hearing in my head. In future posts, you will get to meet our distinguished team and learn about the music that changed our world. 

Thus begins The Remembrance Project. Forward, march...





Heather Buchanan